Closes its doors Fruit Logistica 2014 Berlin


At noon on Friday, February 7 has closed Fruit Logistica 2014 Berlin, the great event of world horticulture.

Commercial Quality Mundosol team moved to the fair was pleased with the quality and quantity of influx of horticulture professionals who have moved to our booth.

During these three days of hard work, the team has been receiving Mundosol Quality, negotiating and talking to a multitude of clients, partners and friends who have come to the Hall 18. In short, the result of the show has been very positive.

Definitely Fruit Logistica Berlin each edition has become the most important international event in the production and distribution of horticulture.

Also satisfied with the organization and the future of the show have shown the vast majority of exhibitors, so much so that the latest talks of the day revolved around the next edition,  Fruit Logistica 2015 Berlin, to be held from 4 to 6 February .

An aspect that have excelled with emphasis displaced visitors and exhibitors to Berlin there was the success of the ‘Organic Route’, a route within the fair exhibitors organic products given by the organization and that has helped the trade visitors plan their activities at the fair.

Fruit Logistica 2014 Berlin has had an area of ​​97,026 square meters in total, of which 54,368 have been devoted exclusively to exhibition and visited 2,566 exhibitors from 78 countries around the world. Some 58,000 visitors from over 130 countries, about 80% of the visitors are from outside Germany, have traveled the 21 pavilions that have shaped the XXII edition of Fruit Logistica.