Balance Primofiori Campaign 2013-2014


When the campaign to collect lemon Primofiori is coming to an end is a good time to balance both qualitatively and quantitatively. If you recall, the campaign began two weeks earlier than normal and with an unusual intensity: October was a really strong month with a very demanding market. Early completion of the campaign in Argentina and the late start in Turkey led to this demand for Spanish lemon.

Overall fruit has performed slightly worse than other campaigns due to sustained high temperatures in our area during the months of start to the season. This has meant that for weeks production lines, especially those of untreated and ecological, presented an almost insurmountable difficulties in maintaining the quality that we demand Mundosol Quality.

To Mundosol Quality the Primofiori Campaign 2013/14 has served to reaffirm the figures from previous campaigns and to cement the strong position we occupied in different markets, both conventional and organic lemon lemon.

Campaign verna

Like any other start to the season will bring uncertainty, with many doubts in all areas certainly scored his future.

Field exercise its usual pressure, sometimes excessive, of the exporter in economic terms, with prices that do not fit the market. Also, we hear reports from Argentina not entirely clear, so real to predict today what will happen is the least complicated situation.

From Quality Mundosol hope to have a intense months of May and June, and a lemon transition to eureka in July. Although everything does foresee that with the current level of production in our fields caverns presented today, as long as temperatures allow, in July it figures higher than in previous campaigns export.