Balance campaign verna lemon 2014


While still being a week to terminate the 2014 campaign verna lemon is a good balance for both quality and quantity of what she has meant. We can say that it has been an extremely interesting year for our industry. The markets have demanded our product in an extremely intense due to falling production of more than 50% in Argentina.

The relatively small presence of lemons in the southern hemisphere in Europe has made the Spanish lemon industry has had, still continue for a few more days, a pretty hectic campaign verna lemon. Mainly the campaign has been excellent for farmers who have shuffled figures in both volume and price, unusual.

The stiffness of reinforcing controls has given the EU to control fruit from South Africa have made have been reduced exports from that country to Europe.


The official capacity of verna lemon in the Spanish countryside was 270.000tn. and will collect all very hardly going to be falguna estate uncollected. The delay in shipments of fruit from Argentina is generating tensions as the verna is in his final weeks with much lower than in May or June and the market demand continues volumes.

In general it can be said that the campaign was record for the entire industry, including Mundosol Quality. Definitely have been overcome odds fruit exported in past campaigns, and feels that producers are happy about the economic performance of the agricultural year. The Spanish lemon is consolidating markets in recent months.

Over the next few weeks will be reduced Mundosol workload national lemon and will take up his offer lemon import to meet the Request for the months of August and September.